Monday, September 17, 2012

The Puyallup Fair

Megan and I headed down to the Puyallup fair yesterday.  It was my first time and I have been wanting to go ever since I moved to Seattle in 2008.  See Megan's recap here. We had a blast {eating, people watching, petting the animals, and just browsing} even though we didn't go on any rides. We are adventurous, but we know a rip off when we see one {read: $4.50 for a ride on the Ferris Wheel?} Pleeeease. That is highway robbery.  On another note, am I a cheapskate?

One of my favorite parts wasn't even the fair, but the parking. People seriously "rent out" their lawns as parking lots. Hey, if you don't care about your grass, neither should I.  We paid $5 to park on someone's lawn instead of $12 for official fair parking. It only took me 3 tries to wedge my tiny car in the spot the man picked out for me in his front lawn aka the jungle, but it was really easy to get out. He even had a multicolored lint duster in order to direct traffic. I should have taken a picture of that. 

Twins! I dyed my hair lighter and Megan dyed hers darker on Saturday.
Megan and I dined on krusty pups {aka corn dogs} and shared an elephant ear. Yum!

My krusty pup
Whole wheat elephant ear we shared
We walked through the animal barns and got to pet some adorable animals.  We also saw some little piglets, llamas and alpaca.

This rabbit had so much fur that it had a built in pillow
My modern, streamlined rabbit. I love her stripes!
We even saw some very large cows (2,000 lbs+):

I did not realize how big these cows get.
And my favorite shot of the day:

Love this.
Megan's husband's name is Zach {and mine is Jake} --
Both were supposed to come to the fair with us but decided
to stay home and watch the Seahawks game. Hilarious, right?
I loved my trip to the Puyallup fair! Have you been to the fair lately? I think It's still fun even if we aren't kids anymore.

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  1. In minnesota we have this huge state fair at the end of August. Josh and I went and had a blast. There is also this seasonal fair/amusement park called Valley Fair that we really liked. I just love going to the fair! Great food, interesting people, fun games and rides.