Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dream Catcher

I usually remember my dreams when I wake up every single morning.  I'm not sure if that's unusual or not.  But by now, I have forgotten what my dream was about last night, but I always have really vivid dreams and feel like they are so real.  Jake sometimes remembers his dreams but not every morning.  The other night I dreamed about puppies. I was in charge of baby dog-sitting them and they kept running away and escaping. But somehow I always found them. What does that mean? 

Are we destined to get a puppy or maybe we shouldn't even think about it?
Via pinterest; original source unknown
Via pinterest; original source unknown
Jake and I were taking about what dreams mean this weekend and we decided that you can't always take them too literally. For instance, I always have the dream where I am in college and either (1) can't remember my locker combination {and I can't get my books out in time for class} or (2) I don't know where my class is supposed to be held, and therefore, I am lost and can't get to my class on time.

I think dreams are your mind's way of attempting to make sense of what's going on in your life and the results come out in all different ways.  When I am stressed about something I can tell because I keep having the recurring terrible college dreams. Maybe I should call them nightmares, and not dreams?

I was reading a book {I forget which one now} but it went into detail about how your personality affects your dreams and it got me thinking about being a constant worrier and how that probably negatively affects my dreams. I have noticed that If I do yoga breathing and read before bed, I am preparing myself for good sleep... and that helps me have good dreams. Let's hope for more dreams about puppies, scenic destinations, winning the lottery, etc. 


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  1. Was this after you saw Buster and Brody?! Also - remind me to think twice before asking you to puppy sit. Just kidding! :)