Monday, July 2, 2012

Bozeman, MT Wedding Recap

I'm sure you were all wondering where the heck I was for the past few days, I forgot to mention that we were heading to Bozeman, Montana for my friend Amy's wedding!  Amy & Matt got married on Saturday at a gorgeous venue and overall, our trip was a blast! It was our first time to Bozeman and Jake and I both really enjoyed it. The weather was gorgeous - not a drop of rain, in the 80-90s the entire time and just all around fun. We stayed at the Come On Inn! No, really. And there was taxidermy everywhere. It was great! Definitely different from the scenery in Seattle. 

THURSDAY: Arrive, check in and get prepped for the Bachelorette Party...

Shan, Emily & I at the Come On Inn, Bozeman, MT
We had a fun night on the town on Main Street for Amy's last night out!

FRIDAY:  We chilled during the day, got our nails done and went to the Garage for lunch. It was yummy! Then, we headed to the rehearsal dinner at a lovely park.

Lunch at the Garage, Bozeman, MT
SATURDAY: The Big Day! We were in charge of setting up the flowers and I think they looked pretty gorgeous, if I don't say so myself. What do you think?

Peonies, my favorite!
Some of my pictures from the big day:

Me with the lovely bride!

Gonzaga girls!
The fella's! Love their socks!
I love this one!
SUNDAY: We grabbed some lunch and headed to the airport! The wedding was so much fun. Amy & Matt - so happy for you two. I have seriously never cried so many happy tears. Love you!!!


  1. Looks super fun! Your friend's wedding dress is gorgeous, too!

  2. Amy Davis DesrochesJuly 26, 2012 at 12:18 PM

    Wow! I hadn't seen these photos before! Love you Kim!! Thanks for coming!!