Monday, July 23, 2012

ITALY Positano | Day 3

A slice of the Almafi Coast: Positano 
Positano, Salerno, Southern Coast of Italy
DAY 3: The next day, we had our free buffet breakfast at our hotel with this amazing view (refer to picture below). This breakfast setup was probably my favorite view of the entire trip. The food was delicious too! Since the hotel is so small (only 12 rooms), they don’t have a restaurant, but they did have a cook set up breakfast every morning and it was absolutely incredible. All these homemade pastries and meats and cheese and everything tasted so good. 

The kitchen at our hotel
The view while we ate breakfast each morning in Sorrento
Nutella is the breakfast of champions, right?
After breakfast, we walked down to the train station, and waited in line with a bunch of other tourists for about 30 minutes to get on the SITA bus to Positano.  The bus ride was rough. We did have seats this time and there was A/C but it was so wind-y again and I felt very sick. Jake had Dramamine so he was totally fine. After we arrived in Positano (about 45 min bus ride), we walked down to the beach and rented a spot on the beach with an umbrella and beach chairs.  The cost was 12.50 euros per person for the entire day, so that wasn’t too bad.  The sand was very hot and the sea was very cold! Jake bought lunch and brought it down so we could eat it on the beach.  We had sandwiches and drinks and it was paradise.  I had a bellini and he had Italian beer. 

I loved the orange umbrellas!
After our beach day, we did a little browsing in the stores and shops on the way back up to the bus stop, but didn’t buy anything except for one piece of pottery.  If you look at the picture of our breakfast above, you will notice the pottery in the middle (woman's face).  That is very similar to the one we purchased for only 30 euros.  We now have it on display in our living room!  We stopped inside a gorgeous church and Jake felt the presence of his grandma when he looked up at the Swiss flag blowing in the wind.

Church of Santa Maria Assunta
Waiting for the bus to take us back to Sorrento
We waited at the bus stop and there was a mad rush as the bus was crowded.  We ended up not getting seats, but that’s what you get when you rely on public transportation, right? About a quarter of the way back to Sorrento, (put down your food or take a break if you are eating, because this is gross), a woman puked ALL over one of the bus doors (due to the motion sickness of the bus turning so much).  It wasn’t too bad until it started to smell, then it was absolutely terrible the rest of the ride back. I felt so bad for the lady that was sitting next to her because she got puke on her leg, in her hair, etc. It was BAD.  But it’s kind of a funny story now right? 

We got off the bus at our hotel then went straight to the pool to relax.  We ate our leftover pizza and swam in the pool.  It was nice because we had it all to ourselves and it had jets (like a hot tub).

Can you spot the infinity pool?
Walk down to the pool
Pizza and towels - what more do you need?
Then, we went back to our room and napped.  We watched the sunset from our window. We read books about the hotel. We ordered room service (daiquiris and lemon ice cream), packed for Rome, did our nightly peppermint foot rubs and went to bed.  At this point, my feet were killing me. I was terrified for Rome because I knew it would be a ton of walking and sightseeing and my feet were hurting so bad after Sorrento which wasn’t even supposed to be a lot of walking. I researched online about swollen feet and tried to rest my feet above my heart, but they still felt terrible.  Let’s just say they would get worse before they got better.

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