Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Five | Vol. 11

This week has seriously flown by for me! I thought it would go by slow since it's the first week back after the Holiday vacation but -- I must've been really busy at work (or watching Making a Murderer every single night after work). GUILTY (no pun intended).

Happy New Year! Can you believe it's 2016? 

This week I went to an event at the new Juice Bar in the Park Road Shopping Center. The fresh juice I tried was amazing -- more to come on this front.

I am now addicted to Netflix again.  First up: Finishing up Making a Murderer, Next up: Master of None.

We haven't taken down our Christmas wreath yet. It still smells amazing.

I picked up this perfume from anthro a few weeks ago and I cannot stop wearing it. I love it!

In case you were wondering, here are The Best Exercises To Do If You're out of Shape. Not saying you're out of shape, but...


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