Saturday, September 12, 2015

Quick Trip: Asheville

Jake and I took a spontaneous quick trip to Asheville for 4th of July weekend. I know this recap is a little late since it's September already {p.s. how did that happen}? But I think I was so excited to post about the Blue Ridge Parkway last month that I kind of skipped over blogging about this trip. 

Anyway, we arrived in the city and the first thing we did was stop at Nine Mile for some delicious, simple Caribbean food. So good! Highly recommend if you haven't been before.

We had also been wanting to check out the Grove Park Inn and instead of staying there, we decided to have lunch there the next day which was a win, win experience. We got to check out the amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and explore the hotel grounds which are pretty amazing if you haven't been. Get the Lobster Cobb salad if you grab lunch there! 

We laid low for the rest of the day and on our way out of town, we stopped at Chimney Rock for some true Americana. We did a hike to the top of the observation deck and it was the ultimate thigh burner. There were over 500 steps to the top!     

We had to take a quick selfie once we reached the top of the summit!

Pretty fitting for a Fourth of July trip, huh? Gotta love that gigantic American flag.

Travel Fully,


  1. Asheville is such a beautiful town! I've been many times but I've never actually taken the time to explore. I realized J and I haven't taken a proper vacation since our honeymoon 5.5 years ago--maybe Asheville is the place for us to go!

    1. Yes -- We love Asheville! Reminds Jake and I of the Pacific Northwest. I have tons of restaurant rec's if you need any... And you could even take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway! I think you guys should go (even if only for a quick weekend trip!)