Tuesday, September 8, 2015

PDQ Shake-off

The craziest thing ever happened last week. I got an email from someone asking if I wanted to participate in a fun, exciting blogging event and so I responded asking for more information. The blogger wrote back saying that the event would be in Charlotte, and we would be taste testing milkshakes for a local restaurant and the winner would be featured on their menu as a seasonal flavor.  I was thinking, this sounds right up my alley! So, I said I would love to participate. We exchanged social media accounts and I discovered that we lived in the same apartment complex after stalking looking at a million photos on her on Instagram. OK, what's the big deal, you ask? I told her which building we lived in and she responded saying that she also lived in that building (there are ~20 buildings in our complex). Isn't that the craziest thing ever??!? Such a small world! Here's to making new blogger friends!

So, onto the event. Last Wednesday, we went to PDQ in Concord for our taste testing duties. We got to grab dinner beforehand and let me just say that the food was really good! You may be wondering what PDQ stands for. Don't worry - I was too. It stands for People Dedicated to Quality. PDQ is a fast casual restaurant but it's nothing like the ones you're used to. They have no freezers or microwaves. Everything is made fresh on the premises. That really piqued my interest. The have a bunch of delicious home made sauces on the menu and we got to try some of them.  Below is the Spicy Buffalo Tenders Burger which was my favorite! 

After the Spicy Buffalo Tenders burgers, my other favorite item was Apple Slices and Toffee Dip. This stuff is so good, like one of the most delicious things I've ever tried -- especially the super secret Toffee Dip. If you go to PDQ, you most definitely should try it!

Other highlights: I tried Cheerwine for the first time too -- I had never even heard of it before moving to Charlotte, but it's BIG in North Carolina and it was good! Reminded me of cherry coke, but better. 

Onto the shake tasting. Every year, the members (employees) come up with different flavors that they would like to see on the menu and actually create small batches of the proposed shake flavors. That's where we come in. We tasted ten different flavors and voted on a scale of 1-5 which was the best. The winner will be featured on their menu as a seasonal flavor.

We are still awaiting the results, but one of my favorite flavors was the Coffee Cookie -- I'm hoping it wins. If anyone ever needs help taste testing, consider me your girl. Oh and we already went back to PDQ for dinner tonight. It was that good!

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  1. I LOVE how we met!! So so much! Making new friends is my favorite :) Love that you came out to the event with me! <3 <3 I'm already craving it again and will have to make my way over there soon!