Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hawaii | A Wedding in Paradise

Jake and I had been wanting to make a trip to Hawaii since it had been six years since our last trip ...and I hadn't seen my family in 2 years. Hopefully we won't ever have to go that long again. When my brother announced that he was planning to propose, the timing couldn't have been more perfect. We had over a year to plan {and save} so that was very helpful so we could get our ducks in a row. They had a huge wedding, but it was just gorgeous and everyone had the best time. I helped my parents get all dolled up and we all just really enjoyed ourselves. I will admit that I did shed a few {happy} tears.

CONGRATS, AARON & LYDIA | June 6, 2015! 
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First, a few professional photos: 

...and my photos are below:

The bride and groom did an amazing job planning and the venue was gorgeous. Leading up to the wedding, everyone back in the mainland was asking me if they were getting married on a beach and I had to laugh, everyone has their stereotypes of a Hawaiian wedding.  Their wedding was actually at Nani Mau Gardens in Hilo which is just beautiful. Highly recommend if you ever find yourself on the Big Island.

The reception was a blast! So much fun dancing! 

Cheers to Aaron & Lydia! We love you guys so much and wish you only the best.

Kim (+ Jake)

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