Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mixed Metals

A year or so ago, we were at one of our friend's homes and they were giving us a little tour since they had just moved in. They were talking about how they meshed their style to decorate their new place.

And I remember someone saying, she is silver and I am gold. Which he said meant that she is more old fashioned and liked vintage decor. And he liked simple, modern style. I had never heard that expression before - maybe it's not an expression - but I liked it! It made me think of this blog -- VintageMODERN and how I've recently started to mix wearing silver and gold jewelry at the same time.

I've gone through phases in my life where I've only worn silver or gold.   But I can honestly say, I have recently been on a gold kick.   

A few of my recent favorites include:

Dogeared Karma Necklace
 Chevron necklace from F21 (I bought this in both gold and silver)

Tiny gold rings from etsy 
When I was trying to decide what type of metal to use for my wedding and engagement rings, it was tough. I thought about gold for a while but decided I would go with the more modern platinum.  I read a lot about the different metals and their properties and ultimately am very happy with my decision to go with platinum.  I wondered for a bit if that meant that I couldn't wear gold rings and actually avoided wearing them for probably a year. I noticed that really tiny gold rings started to be very on trend so I ordered a couple from etsy and have been rocking them on the regular. I even have worn them on the finger next to my platinum stacked ring finger.  {{gasp}} And no, the world didn't end.      

I don't think you have to exclusively be silver or gold... you can be both! Do you like to mix metals? 

Truth: Fall is here, people! It's only 73 degrees and that's the high for the day. I was actually cold and had to wear a sweater outside earlier. You're welcome.    

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