Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dear 16 Year Old Me

There was a campaign going around in 2011 called "Dear 16 year old me". The campaign was about serious business - skin cancer. It's here if you want to watch the youtube video. 

And while we're on that topic.. For me, growing up in Hawaii, the beach {and the sun} were everything. I can't think of a period of time of more than a couple weeks where I didn't make it to the beach. I wore sunscreen for the most part. But probably not every single time. It's crazy - seeing older people get skin cancer from mistakes they made in their teens.  Really puts things into perspective for me. But, it's not too late to start. Since moving to a generally sunnier place {Charlotte, NC} it's important for me to wear sunscreen again... daily. I think the thing I hate most about sunscreen is that it's sticky, gloopy and just makes my skin not feel great. I have read about some new formulas out there. So I will keep you updated if I find anything that I don't mind wearing on a daily basis. Things to think about.... I'm not getting any younger .... 30 next year!!! Yikes. 

Anyway, the "Dear 16 year old me" thing inspired me to actually write a letter to my 16 year old self.. and it goes something like this

Dear 16 Year Old Me....

1. You will get the occasional pimple in your 20's. Even though you thought taking accutane in High School would prevent you from ever getting a pimple again.... not the case. Anyone in their 30's care to share if this fun trend continues?

2. Being a grown up isn't as fun as you thought it would be. There are things you just have to do - like wake up and go to work everyday. Go grocery shopping. Exercise. Pay bills. That is probably the worst of them all.

3. You are, however, in charge of your own happiness. It's really quite simple - If you don't like your life, change it. That is a hard and fast rule, no exceptions.

4. Sometimes things don't always go as planned. Life isn't fair. Things don't turn out how you expected them to. But that, is the beauty of life. 

Signing off.
Your loving 28 year old self 

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