Monday, July 1, 2019

Newborn Life (Alternate Title: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead)

Now that we are starting to emerge from the new parent/newborn haze, I am finally able to start blogging again. West hasn't been napping as much during the day, so it's been hard to find time between breastfeeding + supplementing + pumping every 2-3 hours.  I have such a newfound respect for moms! How in the world do you find time to do anything for yourself? Let alone work full time! We both transitioned back to work in late April and I am still not quite sure how to juggle it all. In time.

We are both very lucky in that we are able to work from home. Jake does have to go to campus to teach classes a few times a week, but the rest of the time he is home with us -- unless he is golfing, that is. We have childcare so we can actually get work done -- now that would be insane if I tried to work full time and watch him. Basically, I would not get anything done. Ever. So again, we are lucky that West can be home and we don't have to ship him off to daycare just yet. 

When West was five weeks old, we had some newborn photos taken at our home and I wanted to share some of them with you all. We worked with Sunny Kim (@sykimphotography) and she was one of the sweetest, most calm people I've ever met. I was rushing around trying to see where the best lighting in the house was and she was like, it's OK... let me worry about that! I don't think Olive even barked at her one time! Olive is very protective of us so you know that is a BIG deal.

I thought about doing maternity photos but decided if I was going to choose between that and newborn photos, I would pick newborn -- and then the baby could actually be in the photos! We are deciding which ones we want to frame and its so hard because we LOVE THEM ALL. In honor of West turning 5 MONTHS old next week, here are the photos from when he was 5 WEEKS old.


And of course, Olive made a cameo. It was so cute, she was in a bunch of pictures and we didn't even realize it while we were taking them. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. She is the best doggie, and best big sister to West. <3


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