Saturday, September 3, 2016

Midcentury Modernist

As you can probably tell by the name of my blog, I have a thing for vintage and modern things. Over the years, my style has ebbed and flowed.  It's long been a dream of mine and my husband's to one day build (or own) a (pre-fab) modern home. We started reading Dwell magazine a few years back and it only fueled our modern/minimalist obsession even more. 

Fast forward to us relocating across the country this summer to Southern California. We were hoping to find a house to rent so we could dip our toes in the water and decide if we wanted to jump into home ownership. After looking online for several months, we found a great mid-century modern home to rent in an amazing neighborhood.   

If you asked me a year ago if I even liked midcentury modern homes, I probably would have said no.  Architecturally, I prefer modern.  Finding a modern house anywhere is no easy task.  Finding a modern house in Southern California is HARD.  They seem to be all built and owned by architects and they are (not exaggerating) a million dollars+++.  I was browsing the 'net when I came across the mid-century modern home that we are currently renting.  Jake literally started fake crying when I showed it to him -- it was/is his dream! It was a very quick drive to his new job. It was in our budget. It has 4 bedrooms - we were looking for at least 3. It has a backyard!  As you can imagine, we just fell in love with it so much so that we might want to buy a mid-century modern home now! If we can afford it, that is... haha. That is a whole 'nuther story, though.  Isn't it crazy what happens when you open your mind to new possibilities?

One of the coolest things about our home is that it's in a neighborhood full of midcentury modern homes. Many have been redone and they are all just gorgeous.  One of our favorite things to do is going for walks around the neighborhood and checking out the other homes all built by the same architect.  I also LOVE our outdoor space! One of the first few things on our list is to (1) get a BBQ and (2) get an outdoor sofa. Hello, outside dinners. I. cannot. wait. (We even have a TV outside that the owner left for us to use. Who has a TV outside?!?!? I mean....) #blessed. I know, I'm sorry. I had to. 

I posted several photos of my office here, but decided not to include photos of Jake's office (you're welcome) or the guest room. I need about 2 years to decorate it, so hang in there. Maybe one day, it will be up to par for me to share... In other news, we have never had a guest room before. So, we love having visitors!  Please come visit us and I really mean it.

...and I left the bed messy on purpose. For a true lived in effect. 




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