Wednesday, April 13, 2016


So, you've been anxiously awaiting the announcement. Where are we moving to next? You probably remember this post I did, announcing that we were moving to Charlotte about 3 years ago. Well, in the past 3 years, Jake has almost gotten his doctorate.

Cheers to that! 

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He'll defend his dissertation in mid-June and then we will pack up all of our belongings and move...

Somewhere near the L.A. area, we're not sure exactly where yet. And I'm not sure if my placement on the above map is correct, either. Give or take, right?!  Jake got a job as an assistant professor at a university near L.A. and we could not be more excited. The other great news?!? I will keep my current job and work remotely from home.  I'm not sure it could have turned out any better than this.

Here's the plan:

June 15 - 20 - We'll visit the area and find said place to live. Since I will be working from home, I am totally open to living anywhere! I am more concerned with finding a neighborhood that we like rather than living in a certain area that is close to the university. Easy for me to say, right?!  Similar to when we moved to Charlotte, I spent hours and hours researching neighborhoods online and I am so glad we picked South End! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in this city. So, I think my countless hours of research will ultimately pay off again. I'll probably document this more on the blog as it gets closer... now that it's all out in the open!

July 1 - Officially move. Moving Pods and car arrive in California.  We'll have the weekend before I go "back to work" on July 5th, but it will be nice to unpack a few things and get our bearings. So, that's it! We are turning in my Volvo before we move so we have one less car to ship and we are currently debating if we want to get another car once we get there or maybe we can survive on 1 vehicle if we live in a walkable area. We'll be flexible on that front. What are we not being flexible on? Space! We need at least 3 bedrooms so that I can have an office and Jake will likely need his own office too. The crazy thing is that I've lived in a studio or 1 bedroom apartment for most of my adult life (except for senior year of college when we lived in a house) but I am so excited for more space! I am already planning how my (don't worry Jake will have his own closet, too) closet will be organized... It's the little things!

Are you surprised? Excited? Relieved? I am actually not all that stressed about doing another big coast to coast move, mostly because we've done it before and I truly think that we'll be on the West Coast for good now. So, there you have it! The Best Coast, it is!



  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excited to have you back on this coast..... and will have to visit for sure!

  2. Yay for the BEST coast! Can't wait to see you when you make your way up north!

  3. I'm already mentally planning my trip! I'm so excited for you but so so sad to see you go :(