Wednesday, January 14, 2015

NYC | Part 4

Last time we visited NYC, we spent some time in Williamsburg and honestly, we weren't that impressed. We knew Brooklyn would be gritty and not as fancy as the city, but the impression we got this past summer wasn't the greatest.   We were determined to spend more time in Brooklyn to really decide if it was a place we truly loved or if it was a place we could pass on. Thank goodness we gave it another chance, because we totally fell in love with it! We rode the subway to the Financial District and got off at the last stop before the bridge. We knew we wanted to walk over it and we amazed by it's size! We knew it was big, but we didn't know it was that big!  That's what she said? Sorry, it seemed natural. 

I remember watching Million Dollar Listing and hearing about DUMBO {Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass} and ever since then, I've always said I wanted to check out what all the fuss was about. We walked over the bridge {I highly recommend doing that if you haven't before!} then walked down under the bridge for that iconic view. 

Here's that photo you've probably seen 8957483 times.

Cue impromptu photo shoot with cool brick background. Too bad it was freezing cold and I couldn't bare to take my puffy coat off. Don't make fun of my nikes. My feet were DEAD.

Jake's fave shot of the day!

I read this blog and she recommended checking out Jane's Carousel. It was so fun! We took a ride and felt like kids again! Best $2 I spent in the city.

That's it folks. After our day of exploring, we Jake tried some beer from Brooklyn Brewery then we had dinner at the Reynard in the Wythe Hotel, complete with pre-dinner drinks at the bar which has a killer view of the NYC skyline. For further reading, check out this blog post I wrote about Brooklyn for Dwellable. 

Stay tuned next week for the last NYC post of this trip. 


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