Thursday, April 24, 2014

ICELAND ((Day 6))

Day 6 brought more of what we had come to love about Iceland. Amazing scenery, delicious local food, and a fun roadtrip back to the city. The drive was supposed to be about an hour {based on google maps} but it took us nearly two hours to get down from the top of Thingvellir back to Reykjavik. There are these signs that say "blind hill" and it's literally a road that goes like this /   \ where two cars could be coming from each side and then hit at the top of the hill. Those "blind hill" signs made me super nervous but we managed to drive down to the mountain in super steep snow without any incidents.  We did see another car in a ditch but someone was already helping them and no one looked hurt. Thank goodness. For all the crazy snow, I was surprised that we didn't see more people in ditches or that had run off the road.
I had to stop and take a pic of this sign! So fun, right?

I also made Jake pull over so I could get some photos of the horses up close. They came a little too close. So, I was done with that photo shoot pretty quick.
I believe this is called the "Voyager" and it was really close to our hotel but we hadn't taken the time to check it out. We actually pulled up really close to it and I took this photo from the car on our way back to the hotel! Hah... funny, but true!
We had a delicious lunch at this place {we got lost trying to find it} -- it's very highly rated on Trip Advisor {the name is Grillmarkadurrin or Grill Market and it deserved its amazing rating. It's not everyday that I have an alcoholic drink, a delicious burger and fries and spend $80 on lunch but when I do, I'm in Iceland!  We loved the d├ęcor!
We both got the same thing! That rarely happens -we usually order two different things and share. And that fry sauce was the bomb!!!!!
And finally, we made our way to the top of the Hallgrimskirkja Church- we had to ride in a tiny super slow elevator, but it was totally worth it for this 360 degree view of Reykjavik. As you can see, it had snowed quite a bit in the city and I think it was even snowing where I took these photos.

Stick around for our last Iceland blog post tomorrow! Hint: think Blue Lagoon....