Sunday, December 15, 2013


I finally found a word to better describe my style asthetic. Do you hate that word because of its's overuse on Project Runway? Me too! I was browsing some site on the internet - maybe AirBNB or something and one of the postings was described as "Minimalist" and that's when I knew. That is me!

Is it because

....I grew up in a household with a million little porcelin animal figurines?
....I never knew my own sense of style until my life became too cluttered with stuff?
....I freak out when things are messy or unorganized?
....I say I "lost" something although what I mean to say is that I simply "misplaced" it and then I find it approximately 30 seconds later with a HUGE sign of relief?

We'll never know how I came to be this way. All we know is that I am this way.  Sometimes it's just really exciting when you find your place in this gigantic world of ours. You, know?

I think I might want a pre-fab, sort of like this. And Jake is on board. So that is exciting news.

That is all.

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