Monday, April 22, 2013

I survived.

Well folks, I survived another tax season, my 5th to be exact. I don't know why I am surprised because I always do. The whole 2.5 month ordeal actually flies by so fast and before I know it, it's spring. I am headed on a much needed vacation next Monday to Hawaii to visit my parents, brother, his girlfriend and some high school friends. I couldn't be more excited. I haven't been to Hawaii since October 2010. I usually go at least once a year to visit family, but my family came to Seattle in 2011 for my August wedding and we went on our European Adventure to Italy in 2012. 

So, finally I get to go to the beach, eat my favorite foods and spend quality time with the fam for 2 weeks! I am also headed to Oahu to visit friends from high school for a weekend. I'm sharing some of my favorite Hawaii photos from years past.

No filter, baby!
Yes, that is a Tide swimsuit.
Kauai Trip with Jake, 2009

Kauai Trip with Mom, 2006
Waipio, Hawaii
Rusty, everyone's favorite puppy! Can't wait to see him again.
Running Waters Beach, Kauai
Kauai, The College Years

Umm.... no comment.
The fam!
Coconut Island, Hilo, Hawaii
Kauai with Jake, 2009
I am loading up my kindle with library books to read. Let me know if you have any suggestions for summer beach reads!


  1. I just read Where'd You Go Bernadette and loved it! It's witty, smart, and dramatic. Sort of a mystery story.

    Have so much fun in Hawaii! I haven't been in a few years but it's hard to forget how beautiful it is down there.

  2. Look how tan you were! Excited for you to go back!