Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seabrook Weekend

As you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging much. That is what working 60+ hours a week will do to a girl. But the good news is that it all ends next month on tax day....April 15th is coming up real fast. I can't believe February is over already. That went by in a flash! 

Last weekend I had the pleasure of having my one Saturday off a month during tax season {!!!}, so we headed outta dodge and drove 3 hours to the Washington Coast. The Pacific Ocean looks a little different from this side of the water as opposed to Hawaii, but it's still beautiful.  In a different sort of way. 

Have you heard of Seabrook? It's a brand new town near the Washington Coast that was established in 2004.  There are currently 200 cottages in the town with about 100 participating in the vacation rental program. We stayed at the Evergreen Cabin in Seabrook - it's the only LEED certified vacation home in Washington state. Pretty cool huh? We loved it! We watched movies {the 5 year engagement and celeste & jesse forever}. We got to drive and walk {reluctantly} on the beach. We had a sun shiny nice Saturday but a rainy Sunday.  

Here are some pics of our Washington Coast weekend!

It's the Evergreen Cabin! Our home for the lovely weekend!

Hope you are having an awesome weekend!

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